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About Our Clinic

Using Advanced Technology & State-of-the-Art Equipment!

Avalon Imaging is committed to providing the highest level of quality in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) services. We accept referrals from doctors as well as chiropractors and nurse practitioners. If your physician recommends a MRI, we can typically administer your scan the same day. We also understand how busy and hectic our patients’ lives can be; therefore, patients are usually in and out of our office in 35 minutes or less. Your paperwork is already completed for you when you arrive; all you have to do is sign. This means as soon as you walk in the door, at your scheduled time, we can take you back and begin your scan. No more long waits in the waiting room!

  • At Avalon Imaging we put our patients’ health first. Radiologist reports are sent to your referring physician normally within 24 hours (usually less).
  • The reports are also readily available for patients who would like to come by and pick up a copy (we just ask that you please bring identification).
  • Patients are also provided with a disc copy of their images (free of charge) per patient or doctor request.
  • If you do not have insurance, or have an extremely high deductible, we do offer a self-pay option. The MRI scan, report and disk are all included.
  • If you have been injured in an accident, we readily work on a lien and wait for your settlement to get paid.
  • We accept personal injury, workman’s comp, private insurance and self pay patients.

Mission / Vision Statement

Avalon Imaging is dedicated to providing quality diagnostic imaging and treatment services for the community, through the utilization of hospital grade 1.5T high field MRI equipment while ensuring that every patient receives the highest degree of care and compassion.